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November 22, 2008


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so sorry. i wish i could give you a squeeze right now. people who say that "it's a dog, get over it" have probably never had a great dog who brings everyday love & happiness.

btw...how did it go telling GG?


That's so sad. That's one of those moments when it sucks to be mom (or dad) and have to tell your kids the news. I'm really, really sorry for you and your family.


I'm so sorry Lori.


Oh, Lori...this is heartbreaking...we grieve even though 'she's a dog', don't pile that guilt on top of the regrets...this, (unfortunately) becomes a lesson in dealing with death, eh? makes me think about the world and how death is all around, and we, as a country, are so out of touch with it, that it is hard for us to deal with...when making it a lesson for the family,your feelings of regret and how this just happens anyway...brings reality of life rather than unending guilt...love u

Angie Funches

I used to be that person to say its just a dog. But now that we have two dogs, I would feel the same as you do if this happened to one of ours. The comment about you dont know how it feels till you have dogs, is so true! Maybe another dog is in the future?

Lori Z


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